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Foodtastic is born from the passion that three men have for food, the restaurant business, customer service and design. It is with this union that, Peter Mammas, Lawrence Mammas and Jacques Gaspo were able to shake the province with revolutionary concepts.

After the monster success of The Beauty & The Beeeef, they quickly developed Souvlaki Bar and Carlos & Pepe’s in order to please all pallets and offer various concepts that are different, avant-garde and especially enjoyable for their clients.

With their unprecedented knowledge on the franchise business, Foodtastic dominates a portion of the market by opening up to thirty restaurants and a production of an average of twelve new restaurants per year. The expansion just keeps on growing.

Foodtastic is the union of passionate and creative individuals. Each member of the team is carefully selected because the owners know that the team makes the difference.

With a team of young and dynamic professionals, Foodtastic is and will be the number one choice for franchisees.

Foodtastic creates avant-garde restaurants. We do not adapt to trends, we create them.