Foodtastic's Story

With their extensive knowledge in the restaurant franchise industry, Foodtastic dominates the market by having more than 130 restaurants and opening 25 new restaurants per year on average. Their expansion continues to grow.

Foodtastic unites creative and passionate individuals. Each member of the team is carefully selected because the founders know that the team is what makes the difference.

With this team of young and dynamic professionals, Foodtastic is and will continue to be the first choice among franchisees.

Foodtastic creates cutting-edge restaurants. We don’t follow the trends, we create them.

Total System Sales ( In millions)
Customers served per week

Our Departments


Our development team will assist in site location and lease negotiations. They will assist the architect in the design of the restaurant, and the contractor during the construction phase. Special attention is always given to the décor or each location.


Our operations team will assist you during the startup, with hiring and training. Our ongoing team led by our Director of Operations, will be providing ongoing support, including our corporate chef and mixologist.


Our in house marketing department will take care of your advertising strategy, design and media placement.

We don't follow the trends, we create them.