History of Bacaro

In Venetian jargon, a bàcaro is a place that serves simple and good food accompanied with quality wine. People meet up at a bàcaro when they want a quick drink, a quick bite and a casual ambiance.

Chef Angelo Mercuri fell in love with the idea of Venetian restaurants during one of his many visits in Italy. Angelo grew up in a family of Montreal restaurateurs and worked in professional kitchens most of his life, with his uncles, brothers and cousins. While he was leaning towards the cuisine of the old Vago of Westmount, Angelo and his partner, Tommaso Mulè, decided that there was something missing from the food scene of the neighborhood. In sum, Westmount needed a bàcaro!

Together, Angelo and Tommaso, two Sicilian Canadians with years of experiences in all facets of the restaurant industry, prepared the first urban pizzeria of Bàcaro. A simple menu of pizzas, salads, pastas and desserts came together. They had a very specific idea of the type of pizza they wanted, the type of pasta they would use and the perfect toppings that would complete the menu. They talked about it for so long that the menu was created almost on its own.

Bàcaro Urban Pizzeria focuses on the use of the best local and Italian brands. They work with carefully selected importers and local producers and are extremely proud of the quality of their ingredients. A small selection of wines carefully selected is composed entirely of Italian wines. Local and imported beers complete the selection. The daily specials are focused on the seasonal trends for the pleasure of newcomers and regulars.