History of Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery

Beer is like food… the better the ingredients the better the beer. We take pride in sourcing the best possible ingredients from around the world and from our own back yard. Malts from Canada, England and Germany have been hand pick to produce a strong base in our brews. Hops, like grapes, are influenced by the territory, so if a beer style calls for hops from Germany we get hops from Germany. We love our ingredients so much we are planting our very own Hop yard at the Phillips Farm in Manotick, there we will grow specialty hops exclusively for our local brews. Our heritage yeast is housed in a special yeast laboratory to ensure the consistency and freshness of our brews. Our water is double filtered and boiled to give us a “clean slate”, and to finish it off we adjust the natural flavor compounds in the water to suit our various beer styles.


We use time honored and perfected brewing traditions that have been passed down from brewmaster to brewmaster for centuries. These methods are steeped in artisan spirit and have the precision of science. Using these methods, with our state of the art brewing system allows us to produce hand crafted beers that are pure, free of added chemicals and preservatives, full of flavor and rich in character. Generations of brewers have combined their knowledge to bring you this pint Passion for the craft of beer is in every batch we make. Our brewmaster makes beer because he loves beer. The satisfaction of a job well done is confirmed with the good times, new friendships and community that is formed around sharing a great pint.