History of Chocolato

At the crossroads between a chocolate shop and a dairy bar, Chocolato invites you, in any season, for an exceptional experience where your sweet tooth and wishes are fulfilled. With a passion for chocolate, Chocolato offers 20 choices of dippings to create the chocolate delight of your dreams.

Garnish your soft-serve, artisanal gelato, ice cream sandwich, sundae, sorbet or homemade dessert with the best chocolate available for the perfect treat. And for the final touch, make your creation even more perfect by adding your choice of 20 kinds of candy, be it sweet or salty.

With the best quality products, Chocolato’s chocolate and ice cream bar concept uses 100% pure chocolate for rich-tasting, unique flavours. At Chocolato, you will find an outstanding taste experience in a modern and chic thematic décor. On warm days, our locations offer you the pleasure of our terraces that are adapted both for kids and grown-ups, and soon, a drive-through service (at certain locations). Chocolato: Where your chocolate dreams become true!