Fusée: A Family Story

In 1966, Laurent “Pit” Lavergne, municipal councillor for Cap-de-la-Madeleine, and businessman known for his community involvement, saw a promising future in the sale of roast chicken. Putting his idea into action, he opened a delivery counter on Fusey street, calling it “Fusey B.B.Q”. It couldn’t be any simpler or clearer. By serving his customers with the best chicken around, success quickly followed. A perfectly roasted, juicy chicken, served with a generous side of fries, sauce, coleslaw and a piece of bread was all it took.

A Team

Seeing his business continue to flourish, Laurent Lavergne implicated his six sons (Michel, Marcel, Gilles, Jean-Paul, Roger, and Serge), giving them the opportunity to earn their livings as owners of a rotisserie. Convinced that each of his sons wanted to invest in the restaurant industry, Laurent Lavergne capitalized on his success by opening several locations in the Mauricie region. His vision came to life three years after his death in 1994, when Roger, Jean-Paul, and Gilles created a corporation with the goal of developing a network of franchises, all the while retaining the family tradition of great quality, taste, and service. Today, there are 22 Rôtisseries Fusée locations on street corners throughout Québec. All having the same operational concepts, they each have something unique that caters to the local market. We’re proud of our accomplishments and we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our large Rôtisseries Fusée family. You’ll belong to the tradition of Rôtisseries Fusées great taste (???). If the past is any indication of what the future holds, your chances of success are all but guaranteed.