History of Sandouchon

It is during the month of July in 2013 that Éric Reátegui Rocha, having a great interest in the restaurant industry, approached Marcel Olivier Larrea, founder, associate and executive chef at Mezcal restaurant in Montreal in order to create a new concept of Peruvian cuisine.

Mr. Larrea studied at the Cordon Bleu Del Peru and is an expert-advisor in the restaurant business. He has eleven years of experience in the business and became a culinary advisor in 2009.

During the opening of the first Sandouchon restaurant in 2014, the one and unique goal of the owners was to maintain the superior quality of the foods they used, which has a special place in the hearts of their clientele. They also wanted to offer a new flavorful palette for consumers that are on the hunt to taste new flavours of the world.

David Dumais and Angelo Rocha joined the rest of the team on the Sandouchon adventure.

Sandouchon is a new concept of gourmet restaurants that demonstrate the evolution of fast food. A renowned chef created delicious Peruvian sandwiches with a taste adapted to Quebecois culture. We now have the possibility to eat a savory sandwich on homemade quinoa bread, with unique and high quality toppings, followed with a variety of delicious sauces. The sandwiches can be served with yucca fries (fried manioc) hand cut daily, or with a beautiful salad.

For those who want to indulge, there is also the choice of Salchiyuka, yucca fries with beef sausage and a delicious sauce. Finally, one can refresh themselves with a succulent drink imported from Peru. The Sandouchon menu is a winning combination with great originality.

Foodtastic is associated with Sandouchon for the simple and unique reason that we guarantee the best sandwiches in town.