History of Souvlaki Bar

During his North American tour, Greek Superstar Mihalis Hatzigiannis discovered a young Canadian Greek Singer, Melina Mammas, daughter of Lawrence Mammas and was invited to lunch at La Belle & La Boeuf where he met the rest of the Foodtastic team, Peter and Jack.

He was so impressed with the group that he proposed a partnership to bring authentic Greek Souvlaki cuisine, with a Foodtastic concept design to Montreal, and Souvlaki Bar was born, opening our first store on September 12, 2014. Over 5000 people attended the Grand Opening Party where Mihalis and Melina performed outdoors to many happy fans.

One thing is certain at Souvlaki Bar: we guarantee the quality and freshness of our ingredients, hence the origin of our slogan: “Je suis fresh”.

Souvlaki Bar allows our customers to eat light and healthy at an affordable price. With the craze surrounding the restaurant in Laval, the Foodtastic group opened a second location in Ville Saint-Laurent, which was another success.

The team decided to separate Souvlaki Bar into two concepts: the restaurant and the express counters. And it is with that decision that the express counters were born: Central Station, Carrefour Laval and Vaudreuil. The counters are a triumph and the people appreciate good souvlaki, pitas and salads on the go, all while keeping with our incomparable quality and freshness.

Integrating mixology at Souvlaki Bar was a most pleasant experience and allowed our customers to discover products from Greece, which makes Souvlaki Bar unique on its own. Souvlaki Bar allows one to discover mixology with our Greek products, Greek wines, and of course, our famous Greek coffees. To experience the Souvlaki Bar ambiance is also to enjoy a musical experience that allows the discovery of new artists with live shows.

Another concept à la Foodtastic: young, dynamic and trendy.