History of Tommy Café

Old Montreal Flair

Tommy Café has its roots in the heart of Old Montreal, sharing the neighborhood’s charm, European flare, and inviting spirit. Tommy Café was born with the vision of creating a welcoming atmosphere, in a quaint setting, with the promise of a chill vibe. A balanced blend of modern design, mid-century furniture and Victorian architecture, you can’t help but fall in love with Tommy Café.

Trendy Neighborhood Café

A coffee lover’s ideal spot for a premium blend! Our baristas are trained in the art of coffee, from understanding the science of the perfect brew, to the delicate hand of latte art. Savor your warm brew tucked away in a quaint corner with your favorite book, or bring that special someone for a coffee date sure to impress! Tommy will be your favorite coffee hangout for you, your friends or family; all are welcome at Tommy.

More than coffee, Tommy is known as a trendy 5 à 7 spot with boozy, delicious in-house cocktail recipes, a great stop for a pre dinner drink!

Tommy serves up beautiful lattes or cocktails, that you can’t help but snap a pic for Instagram!