Story of La Belle & La Boeuf

My mom, who raised us during my poor father’s illness, was able to take care of a family of five kids all while being a school teacher. It is thanks to her that our family was able to stay strong and united. When looking at my mom taking care of us during extremely rough moments, I realize that the strongest human on earth is the woman, not the man. Later on, I had the chance to meet my better half, who also has the strength of my mom’s character. During the birth of my second child at the hospital, she demonstrated such unprecedented courage that I had never witnessed before. It is at that moment that The Beauty & The Beeeef is born, in honour of all mothers:

I, the man, am nothing without my mother. Without her, I am weak, I complain all the time and I think I am invincible: I am the Beauty.  She is strong, never complains, put me in this world, surmounts every obstacle without a single complaint, and is always there for me in my darkest moments, my mom: The Beeeef.

The concept of The Beauty & The Beeeef represents the history of my adolescence when I was a young designer, skateboarder, snowboarder and passionate of alternative, punk and rock music.

Recreating an ambience that is able to remain timeless and that can please every taste and style. Inviting people from all places to appreciate a unique and welcoming décor, and that is always avant-garde and inspires evolution.At its creation, we had to taste almost every burger possible and imaginable of the province. As well as the potatoes, the cheeses and all other ingredients necessary in order to create the best burgers in the country. Year after year we are the #1 choice of the public for the best burgers. We were the first to instore the mixology concept in the restaurant business and have inspired many others across the country to step up their game. Our philosophy is to offer an ambience, cocktails and food at the unprecedented level of excellence where service is taken very seriously.

The Beauty & The Beeeef surpasses customers’ expectations. You do not come just to eat and drink; you come to live The Beauty & The Beeeef experience. With daily events, sports bar, and contests, it is a concept that is in constant movement

At the image of its founder, Jacques Gaspo and his associates: Peter Mammas and Lawrence Mammas, it is an anarchist concept that pleases everyone. Liberty is anarchy.

In honor of Gracia Gaspo.