Story of Monza

It all started in the old country… We were on the South-West coast of Italy, on a trip to visit the family. It was where we tasted truly authentic pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. We were inspired! After much discussion and just as much pizza, the final decision was made; we need to do this back home! The idea for Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna was born.

Growing up with our Nonna (Italian for Grandmother) and the wonderful meals she created, we knew we couldn’t just stop at Pizza. We asked her for all her recipes, begged her to help us perfect them and created our menu – filled with Italian classics and some of our contemporary favourites.

We created our first restaurant with our Nonna’s principals always in mind; Fresh, Simple & Authentic. We built Enoteca Monza in her honour and we’re proud to share the pleasures she gave us growing up with all of our guests. On the other hand, Nonna isn’t very happy with us having shared her recipes with the public, but she’ll get over it.