Story of La Chambre

It’s March 2013, we’re 11 “boys” in a hockey locker room, equipment off and a beer in hand, celebrating the effort and hard work the team put into the game we just finished. We’re chatting, having a drink, and no one wants to go home yet. We can feel the satisfaction in the air, the brotherhood. All that was missing to make this moment perfect was some excellent comfort food and a widescreen to catch the latest Habs game.
It was at this exact moment that the concept for Bistro la Chambre came to Éric Champoux. He wanted to prolong that satisfaction after a great game between pals. The concept opened in a small location in Old Terrebonne. The 30-seat capacity was soon too little to accommodate everyone, but served as a starting point to launch what would come next…
Thanks to its expanding popularity, we had to relocate the growing club. It’s at 1427 Chemin Gascon that the Bistro La Chambre set up shop. It had a lot more square footage, a terrace with a breathtaking view, and it was an ideal place to accommodate the “gang.” After a few months of renovations, everything was finally ready to welcome more “boys” than before.