Our Pita Pit Franchises

Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating


When Pita Pit began back in 1995, Braveheart was Best Picture, Seinfeld was all the rage, the OJ Simpson trial was headline news, the Worldwide Web was just taking off and the DVD was new – and a major innovation.

So was the idea that drove Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis to open their first Pita Pit in Kingston, Ontario.

Fresh thinking, healthy eating!

Pita Pit has been serving up fresh thinking and healthy eating for over 25 years. From its early days as a favourite college hangout and after-hours place, it has evolved to a popular ‘go to’ for health conscious fresh ‘on the go’ food lovers around the world.

When Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis opened their first Pita Pit in Kingston, Ontario in 1995, they took the college town by storm . . . with a fresh new concept that offered a great place to grab a healthy bite that wasn’t greasy, and the toppings were unlimited. Their Lebanese-style pita sandwiches packed with fresh veggies, grilled meats and zesty sauces were an instant hit with the college and university crowd, especially since the store stayed open late—well into the wee hours of the morning, making it perfect for students taking a break from studying or coming home after a night of partying. 

Back then the idea was ‘new’ and the brand was young, just like its customer base and today, those same customers are in their 30s and 40s, seeking healthy, family-friendly choices.  Over the years the menu has evolved, expanding the healthy food offerings even more to include radically yummy salads and rice bowls and options for a wide range of dietary preferences. 

Within two years of opening the first Pita Pit, franchise stores had begun opening right across Canada. Two years later, they were opening in the USA where the concept took off immediately with consumers of all ages.Today, there are more than 450 Pita Pit stores in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Many of Pita Pit’s customers are hard core fans – some of them for many years. . . in fact there are fans who started eating at Pita Pit during university, became obsessed with the concept and the food, to such a degree with some, that they invested in their own store.  Those customers, turned franchisees, have become part of the legacy themselves, from behind the counter, serving the next generation of Pita Pit fans.

In the fall of 2021, Pita Pit joined the Foodtastic family of brands, and now continues its legacy as a key part of this multi-brand franchisor.

The Pita Pit story is one of a journey from humble beginnings to an international healthy eating sensation and we have our dedicated franchisees, loyal customers and local communities to thank for that.

Read about Pita Pit Canada’s Official Cage Free Egg Policy.

Franchise conditions

  • Investissement requis (frais démarrage) de 350 000 à 400 000 $
  • Capital de démarrage requis (non grevés) de 180 000 à 225 000 $
  • Frais de franchise : 30 000 $
  • Redevances de franchise : 6 % des ventes brutes
  • Fonds national de publicité : 2 % des ventes brutes
  • Publicité locale : 1 % des ventes brutes
  • One time franchise fee: $25,000
  • Unencumbered cash required: $105,000 – $140,000
  • Projected cost: $350,000 – $450,000
  • Royalty fee: 5% of gross sales
  • National Advertising Fund: 2% of gross sales
  • Local advertising 1% of gross sales