Our franchise Chocolato

The chocolate and ice cream factory

Our Story

Our founders’ passion for chocolate is so profound that they set out to discover chocolates from all over the world. They mastered various chocolatier techniques and explored different flavour combinations; allowing them to create a concept to share their love of chocolate. Born is Chocolato, a cross between a chocolate shop and dairy bar. Chocolato invites you to a world of chocolate, desserts, and dips, where you can experience the chocolate delight of your dreams.

Unapologetically – the best chocolate in the world!

Our Concept

Sweet Tooth’s Paradise

Chocolato uses 100% pure chocolate, we never compromise quality, knowing our chocolate recipes will leave a lasting impression. Our menu was designed with love and meant to inspire indulgence. We offer the largest selection of chocolates and desserts, fulfilling every sweet tooth’s desire.

Dip your soft-serve ice cream, artisanal gelato or ice cream sandwiches in any one of our 20 unique dipping flavours. We put no boundaries on your sweet cravings! Our sundaes, sorbets, cakes, waffles, and pizzas are available in endless flavour combinations. You can even add your choice of 20 different kinds of candy, be it sweet or salty, at Chocolato we always say –Yes!

We dare to be bold, and bring you our assorted menu offered year round. Our modern, chic, thematic décor transcends you into a world of sweets.. Our Choco-lounge is a great spot for a warm specialty coffee. Enjoy our premium brew while you carve into a slice of decadent homemade cake. Did we mention you can garnish your cake with our chocolate dip?! A true chocolate lover’s dream!

Chocolate Shop

Our adoration for chocolate is so strong; we needed to find a way to share it with you at home.  Chocolato offers delicious Gelato Cake made from two layers of 100% artisanal Italian ice cream. Cakes are readily available at any of our locations, bring one to your next special occasion and you will be sure to turn heads!

Our fondue to-go, is a perfect way to surprise your loved ones. Bring your favorite flavour home, and treat your family or special someone to a fondue experience they’ll be yearning for again and again! Not to mention all our fondues are certified nut-free.

Chocolato takes gifting the best chocolate in the world seriously. Stop in at any boutique and pick up one of our chocolate sets. 95% of the world loves chocolate; the other 5% are lying!

Where your chocolate dreams come true!

Franchise conditions

  • Investissement requis (frais démarrage) de 350 000 à 400 000 $
  • Capital de démarrage requis (non grevés) de 180 000 à 225 000 $
  • Frais de franchise : 30 000 $
  • Redevances de franchise : 6 % des ventes brutes
  • Fonds national de publicité : 2 % des ventes brutes
  • Publicité locale : 1 % des ventes brutes
  • One time franchise fee of $25,000
  • Unencumbered cash required of $112,500 – $150,000
  • Projected cost: $450,000 – $550,000
  • Royalty fee: 6% of gross sales
  • National Advertising Fund: 2% of gross sales
  • Local advertising 1% of gross sales


  • Locations across Canada
  • Trade area of minimum 50,000 population
  • Free standing or corner unit locations
  • Urban and suburban locations
  • 1,500-2,000 square feet or more plus patio
  • High traffic counts and ample parking
  • New builds or retro-fit
  • Strip mall end cap